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The PinoytravelBlog is an online guide, you could think of it as an online magazine of sorts for local Filipino tourists as well as international tourists who want an awesome and memorable experience that will open them up to experiences only unique to the Philippines. This platform offers its readers an opportunity to see the Philippines in an absolutely new and amazing way.

Through our platform, we feature our own travel experiences from various superb destinations in the Philippines, and we touch on various aspects of the food, the culture, the travel experiences, awesome hotel and entertainment suggestions, and fun, spiritual and memorable sites to visit.

We are also very much interested in featuring articles from other guest writers who feel the need to share their experiences. We appreciate the fact that different people have different points of view therefore one experience may differ from another. Keeping this in mind, each of our articles gives you an opportunity to give feedback based on your own experiences. This is the part we love most, getting to engage with our readers and hear their thoughts, as well as giving other travel enthusiasts an opportunity to share their own experiences.

If you are interested in sharing your travel experiences or doing follow up pieces on any of the articles featured on the PinoyTravelBlog platform, please fill out the form below and a member of our team will get back to you within 48 hours.